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RF Planning

Radio network planning comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity, frequency allocation and interference analysis.which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement.

  • RF Cell Planning
  • Frequency Planning


We offer comprehensive EMF Compliance services including:-

  • EMF Survey of Mobile Base Stations for Compliance by calculations
  • Preparation / Submission of Reports for EMF Compliance Calculations
  • EMF Measurement using Broad band and Narrow Band measuring instruments

RF Optimisation

High quality of service in mobile networks is the prerequisite for the commercial success. Continuous optimisation is a process, which focuses on checking the network quality continuously and takes actions when needed.

  • Traffic and throughput analysis
  • Parameter planning and optimisation
  • Dropped call analysis
  • Handover success analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Field measurements and acceptance testing
  • Frequency & Strategy Planning

Network Support

 Quality of Service is a measure of how the customer feels the service provided by the network.  Quality of Service is an external measure often supported through drive test programs. This measure provides the customer perspective of Network Quality.

  • Provide Subscriber perception of service
  • Benchmark figures against competitors
  • Quality of Service reports for Management
  • Analysis and evaluation of network upgrades
  • Acceptance testing of new networks
  • New regional rollouts
  • Continuous/repetitive monitoring to highlight slow degradation of Network Quality
  • Provision of Engineering data for further analysis
  • Network Audits